Better-Than-Takeout Cashew Chicken

I’ve shared many peanut chicken recipes but never one for cashew chicken.

I don’t know what I was waiting for because this dish is easy, ready in 20 minutes, and loaded with flavor and so much texture from the vegetables and cashews.

It tastes as good as the cashew chicken you’d get at your favorite Asian restaurant. Actually it’s better. Not that I’m partial or anything.

The chicken is sautéed with sesame oil for depth of flavor before adding broccoli, red bell peppers, edamame, and garlic. The vegetables stay crisp-tender which is exactly the way I like them. If you prefer green bell peppers or other vegetables, mix and match as you see fit.

The dish is finished with cashews of course and a wonderful sauce that’s made with soy sauce, honey, rice wine vinegar, ginger, and Asian chili garlic sauce. It’s kept in the Asian section of my regular grocery store.

Please see the 2nd Page for Ingredients

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