Chocolate Mint Cake: A Cool Cake for Choco-Mint Lovers

My mother is an adventurous cook and loves experimenting with flavors. But when it comes to chocolate, there are only two kinds in her book: milk chocolate and dark chocolate. So, growing up, I wasn’t exposed to anything else. When I was in high school, though, a friend introduced me to the chocolate-mint flavor combination. I fell hard at first bite and am still in love decades later. I can get crazy over anything that has chocolate and mint in it. And when I found this recipe for chocolate mint cake, you can guess how eager I was to make it.

This cake is fantastic beyond words. It’s a layered chocolate cake with mint-buttercream frosting and topped with chocolate ganache. I can’t write about this cake without drooling and dreaming of the next time I get to enjoy a slice (or three). If you love the chocolate-mint flavor combination, this is a cake that you must try.

This chocolate mint cake is exquisite. The recipe calls for a chocolate cake mix, and I find that extremely convenient. But if you’re a stickler for traditionally made chocolate cake batter, then go for it. The cake is made in layers, and each layer is frosted with buttercream flavored with peppermint extract. Green food coloring makes the frosting’s color more intense and underscores its mint flavor. The chocolate ganache topping this cake also has peppermint extract, and that’s just divine. This fabulous cake recipe is from Tonia of The Gunny Sack.

Please see the 2nd Page for full RECIPE

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