Crabby Deviled Eggs

For me, I always find egg recipes best for side dishes. They’re so easy to prepare and they look and taste good! Check out this crabby deviled eggs!

You’ll Need:

6 to 12 eggs.
Miracle whip or mayonnaise.
Lemon juice.
Medium shrimp.
Old Bay seasoning.

How to:

Hard boil the eggs and slice them in half taking out the yolks.
Place the yolks in a bowl and break using a fork. Add in a little lemon juice and some mayonnaise and mix together.
Add in the crab meat and fill the egg halves with the yolk mixture.
Top with a shrimp and drizzle some old bay seasoning over the top.

Easy, peasy and yummy! This will definitely be a great side dish guys, the crab meat goes perfectly with the eggs. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.