Facebook Test Post

What Is a Facebook Post?

A Facebook post or “status update” is a message in a special delivery cyber-bottle. It is a comment, picture or other media that is posted on the user’s Facebook page or “wall.”

A Little Bit Longer

Unlike Tweets, Facebook posts aren’t limited to 140 characters. They can be as long as a paragraph and illustrated with pictures and videos. Users can post directly to Facebook via smart phones or uploaded from a computer. As with any social media platform, there is a method to creating a successful Facebook post.

7 Qualities of a Bangin’ Facebook Post

Facebook posts are about invoking engagement and action. According to SocialApps HQ (the largest Facebook app store) (2012), an excellent Facebook post has the following 7 qualities:

  1. It grabs! your reader’s attention.
  2. Has “no brainer” text
  3. Contains a call for action, such as asking a question or requesting that you like something.
  4. Is appropriate for the demographics and geographic location of your fan base. (Yes, demographics and geography are important on the web.)
  5. It contains content that 95% of your audience cares (or better yet – is passionate) about.
  6. Sells the dream of your company and fan base (If you don’t know already, find out what that dream is.)
  7. Is based on what you have learned from ad-testing


The Pew Foundation’s study of social networks revealed that Facebook users are more trusting than users of Twitter or LinkedIn. Their connectedness is so profound that it gives them a “social boost” that is equivalent to the connectedness of married and cohabiting couples (Hampton K, Goulet LS, Rainie L, Purcell K., 2011a, Hampton K, Goulet LS, Rainie L, Purcell K., 2011b). Stellar qualities such as trust and connectedness make Facebook a worthwhile marketing channel for your business.

Getting the Most Mileage From Your Facebook Posts

Ideally, your posts should invoke a comment or written response from the reader. Readers can also “like” and “share” your posts. Using humor, plain English, media and links increases the chances of your post being liked or shared. Sharing goes a step further and actually causes your post to appear on the subscriber’s Facebook page, extending your marketing reach via exposure to the subscriber’s friends.

Got to Cross Over (to Sales)

So you’ve got great content, a unique voice, and your number of subscribers increases everyday: Then what? All this is great, but if it ain’t makin’ you money what difference does it make? How do you segue from sense to dollars and cents? One way is to engage readers in a way they can’t ignore is by asking questions, staging a competition or offering prizes. You can also create a poll, analyze responses, and use the information to refine your marketing plans. Polls let give you insight into what subscriber’s like and don’t like. In this way, Facebook can give insight into the demand for your service or products.

Let Us Handle It

If you’re one of the folk who are stellar at business but don’t don’t know a gigabyte from Gidget (hint: one is a movie), Google from a gaggle (hint: One flies.), or a tweet from a turnip – take heart. There is help! The writers at Scripted know their way around the communication conundrums of social media. We craft value-added, funny or serious Facebook posts that give your business a leg-up on being a social media star. Our prices are very affordable, so call us today!


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