Marian’s Easy Roast Chicken

Chicken is delicious by itself, all it needs is a some seasoning and oil and voila, you can have a tasty meal. Check out this marians roast chicken and let me know what you think.

You’ll Need:
2 tsps of freshly ground pepper.1 tbsp of olive oil.4 tsps of kosher salt.2 (4 to 5 lb) whole chickens.

How to:
Remove the necks and giblets from the chickens and pat them dry.
Mix together the salt and pepper and sprinkle ½ tsp inside cavity of each chicken.
Rub 1 ½ tsps of olive oil into skin of each chicken and sprinkle with salt and pepper then rub again.
Arrange the chickens on a lightly greased wire rack in a lightly greased 17×12 jelly-roll pan breast sides up.
In a preheated oven to 375° bake for 1 ½ hours and let stand before serving.
Bonne Appétit!
Simple, easy and yummy! In 80 minutes you can make a nice meal! I prepare a veggies salad and some rice while the chicken is cooking. Give it a shot, it’s worth it!

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