The World’s BEST Meatloaf Recipe – No Joke! It Won an Award!

I love a good meatloaf, how about you? I think I have made meatloaf about every way possible. However, this meatloaf recipe is the best meatloaf recipe that I have EVER come across and I’m not just saying that, either.

It is so good, you guys! Plus, it actually won an award so there’s that. I mean, just look at the picture. Now, tell me this meatloaf doesn’t look absolutely delicious.

You can’t, can you? Didn’t think so! My husband and kids are crazy about this meatloaf and request it often. This is the recipe that I plan on sticking with for years to come.

Maybe this meatloaf will be a winner in your home, too? I’m confident that it will be. It’s a kid-friendly meal that is wholesome, nutritious, and packed full of flavor.

What’s not to love? Plus, it isn’t hard to make. If you wind up with leftovers you can make them into sandwiches. My husband loves doing this. In fact, I think he’d make a sandwich into a sandwich. LOL

Please see the 2nd Page for Ingredients