White Chocolate Candy Cane Cheesecake


Oreo Crust Directions

    1. Pour oreo crumbs into a large bowl and add in the melted butter
    2. Mix until combined, and it resembles wet sand.
    3. Evenly press the cookie crumbles into the springform pan, about 3/4 ways up the sides.
    4. Place in the freezer to set while you make the cheesecake.

Cheesecake Directions

    1. Directions
    2. Using a standing mixer, combine the heavy whipping cream, 1/4 cup powdered sugar and peppermint extract and mix until stiff peaks form.
    3. Scoop whipped cream into a separate bowl and set aside
    4. Using the standing mixer again, whip the cream cheese and softened butter until smooth.
    5. Add in the 1 cup of powdered sugar and mix until combined.
    6. Combine the gelatin powder and 1 tbsp of HOT water and mix until combined. Let sit for 5 minutes.
    7. In a medium bowl, combine the milk and the white chocolate pudding and mix for 5 minutes with a whisk until thick.
    8. Combine the pudding with the cream cheese until fully combined.
    9. Add the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture and mix until combined
    10. Stir in the gelatin
    11. Mix in the crushed candy canes and chocolate chips
    12. Pour cheesecake batter into the frozen crust and place into the fridge for overnight

Chocolate Ganache Directions

    1. Directions
    2. In a heat safe bowl, combine the heavy whipping cream and chocolate chips and place into the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute until warm
    3. Using a whisk, mix until fully combined and thick
    4. Pour over cheesecake
    5. Place back into fridge to harden

Whipped Cream Directions

  1. Using the standing mixer, combine the heavy whipping cream, powder sugar, and peppermint extract and mix on medium speed until stiff peaks form
  2. Scoop whipped cream into the piping bag and pipe around the edge of the cheesecake
  3. Sprinkle crushed candy canes onto the whipped cream
  4. ENJOY!

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