10 brilliant kitchen organizers everyone must own

Keeping the kitchen organized can be a pain, especially if you live in an apartment with a postage-stamp sized cooking space. Lack of storage space and/or counter space ensures your kitchen gets cluttered in a jiffy! But, just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be tidy and organized!
Check out these 10 cool kitchen organizers you’ll want to get for your home! (We included helpful links to each product in case you get an itch to buy).


1. Dazone Metal Microwave Shelf 
The microwave can take up a lot of counter space. Get some of it back with this cute shelf that slips around the oven. Customers say the shelf is sturdy, but that the shelf is best suited for lighter items.

2. Narrow Space Portable Storage Cart
When you live in a small apartment, taking advantage of any extra space can be a lifesaver! This storage unit has wheels so you can move it around, plus it’s narrow enough to fit into super small spaces. Some customers opt to use this for a space racks, by using only two shelves and tucking it in a drawer.

3. Stack-able Wrack organizer
One secret to getting more storage is to stack upwards. But, that’s not always easy with cans. This organizer lets you stack the shelves so you can store more items in less space. Each set stores up to 36 cans. Customers like that it has adjustable dividers so you can store different sized cans.

4. YouCopia Crazy Susan 11-inch Turntable
Take back your cupboards (and make it easier to access items stored in the back) with this handy turntable. The spinner fits perfectly into smaller cabinets. A backstop keeps your items from tipping over when you spin the turntable. Customers say it’s sturdy.

5. K-cup Storage Drawer Holder
If you gotta have a cup of Joe in the morning, the ability to make a single serving at once is really convenient. But, storing those K-cups… not so much. Just set your coffee maker on top of the drawer and store the cups underneath. The drawer holds 36 cups.

6. YouCopia Chef’s Edition Spicestack
Take back control of your spices with this charming organizer. The stack fits up to 30 full-size or 60 half-size spice containers. The shelves pull out and down so you can see everything you don’t have to worry about installing anything. The unit fits into most cabinets.

7Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf
Dress up your dish cupboard with these charming shelves in bronze. You’ll be able to store more items by going up. The shelves are attractive so you can even keep them on the counter for an elegant storage solution.

8House-ware Organizer, Pantry Rack
Make it easier to grab the pans you need, with rack perfect for storing your cutting boards and cookie sheets. This storage compartment is not adjustable, but customers love that it’s sturdy and fits most standard cupboard sizes.

9Kitchen Bakeware Pot Lid Holder
The lids for my pans always get squished and shoved into the back of our cupboard, which means a total disaster every time I have to cook. This organizer helps keep your lids organized and safe from cracking. There are four two-inch slots in each holder. One user recommends zip-tying two together for more storage space.

10.Cabinet Door Organizer
If you’re not using the back of your cupboards for storage, you’re missing out on a lot of storage space This handy hanger slips over most cabinet doors so you can store cooking or cleaning supplies. Keep items more organized so the insides of your cupboards stay tidy! Some people had issues with hanging it and keeping doors closed, but say it works well on walls too.
Keep your kitchen tidy with one of these cool storage solutions. All of the items are available on Amazon and are budget friendly. Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends and family so they can organize their kitchen too!

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