Bagel Roll

How about a soushi? There’s nothing better than homemade cooking, and this bagel rolls are a proof of that. Check out this amazing recipe.

You’ll Need:
9 tbsps (4 ½ ounces) of block-style light cream cheese.6 nori seaweed sheets.2 cups of thinly sliced smoked salmon.3 tbsps of chopped green onions.1 ½ tsps of prepared wasabi.4 ½ cups of cooked sushi rice.

How to:
In a bowl, mix together the onions, light cream cheese and wasabi and cut off the top quarter of nori sheet along short end.
On a sushi mat covered with plastic wrap, place the nori shiny side down with long end toward you and pat ¾ cup of rice over the nori with moist hands.
Leave 1 inch border on one long end of the nori.
Flip the nori and spread 1 ½ tbsps of the cream mixture along top third of the shiny side of nori then top with ⅓ cup of salmon.
Now, lift the edge closest to you and fold over the filling. Lif the bottom edge of sushi mat and roll toward top edge pressing firmly on sushi roll.
Continue rolling and press mat to seal the sushi roll.
Once finished with all the ingredients, slice each roll into 8 pieces with a sharp knife and enjoy!
Easy, peasy and yummy! The rice on the outside roll has everything good from a salmon-topped bagel inside. GIve this a shot and let me know what you think.