12 of the best DIY storage ideas for your home

Home organization and storage is a big business. Take a walk through your local home improvement store and you will notice that organization and storage solutions are not cheap.
You can still get organized on a budget. These 12 storage tutorials will show you how to repurpose items into creative storage for every room in your house.


1. Inexpensive hanging storage
Make use of your vertical space with this DIY hanging storage solution from Make It and Love It. A plastic container for cleaning wipes is transformed into hanging containers for pens, pencils, kitchen utensils, or makeup. The best part is that all you need is a few plastic containers and a pair of kitchen sheers.

2. Hang things up
Tights and scarves become a jumble and take up a lot of room in your drawers. This creative idea uses inexpensive wooden clothespins to hang your tights and scarves up. The tutorial suggests just gluing them to your wall, but you can also use command strips for the safety of your wall.

3. Box it up
Create a unique shelf with a wooden box, some rope and a sturdy hook. Brit+Co shows you how in this easy tutorial. She calls it the perfect organizing solution for those who don’t want to install permanent shelves.

4. Put it in a basket
Baskets offer incredibly handy storage. You can use them to keep toys, pillows, throws, and towels off the floor and neatly contained. Don’t spend a fortune on a large basket. Lydi Out Loud shows you how to make this amazing storage basket from dollar store items.

5. Keep brushes handy
The dollar store for the win again with this project. Cheap glass vases are filled with beads to create the perfect storage solution for makeup brushes. Hello Miss Niki never has to dig to find the exact brush she needs. This simple solution also protects her brushes from unnecessary damage.

6. Keep your hair tools handy
Most women use their hair tools on a daily basis. Why wrap them up and hide them every day when you can simply place them in this convenient basket. Dream Green DIY recommends handing a wire file box with command hooks to the side of your bathroom vanity for easy blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron storage.

7. Recycle an old spice rack
Don’t dig through a box of polishes just to find the one color you are looking for. Use your nail polish as a focal point by putting it on display. This tutorial uses an old spice rack to create a stylish and functional nail polish organizing solution.

8. Organize your drawers
Cut up a cardboard box to make instant drawer dividers. The instructions here show you how easy it is. You could even go an extra step and glue scrapbook paper or fabric over the cardboard for a finished look.

9. Make your own bookshelves
Bookshelves are a great place to stack things — and not just books. But a good quality bookshelf can be expensive. This DIY crate bookshelf from One Artsy Mama is made from simple wooden crates. You can make it as tall or wide as you need with the addition of more crates.

10. Craft your own shoe storage
Traditional shoe storage options rarely hold up. The bag things rip. The racks are unstable and fall apart. Cookie Loves Milk has a great idea for storing your shoes. All you have to do is glue sections of PVC together for this unique storage solution.

11. Hide things under the bed
Don’t waste that valuable storage space under you bed. These creative rolling carts fit perfectly underneath a bed, futon, or couch. Use them to store shoes, clothes, books, or even toys. All you have to do is follow this tutorial to make your own.

12. Keep your desk neat
This recycling project uses toilet paper tubes and an old box to create a rectangular storage solution. Once it is covered with paper or fabric and filled with pens, pencils, and markers, you have no idea it is out of salvaged materials. There isn’t a tutorial at the blog, but it’s pretty easy to recreate using the picture.

These out of the box storage solutions will inspire you to craft creative organization for all the rooms in your home. Share with friends and family on Facebook for more ideas.

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