15 killer kitchen organization hacks that will change your life

Does your kitchen feel like a complete disaster? You’re not alone! With oddly shaped utensils, different containers of food, and storage space that doesn’t seem to help your lack of organization, keeping your kitchen tidy and neat can seem impossible at times.
We’ve put together some handy tips and tricks that will transform your kitchen into a super efficient space! Being super organized in your kitchen will make your cooking time so much more efficient. After reading these tips and tricks, you are going to wonder how you managed without them!


1. Use pegboard to organize your kitchen
Using a big piece of pegboard to hang your pots, pans, knives and, well, anything you want to display, is a great way to save space and keep all your frequently used items ready to go. This hack is especially good for small kitchens in need of some extra storage space.

2. Behind the door spice rack
Take advantage of vertical space and create an easy-to-access spice rack on the inside of your pantry door. Having all spices easy to see will mean no more fumbling around in the cupboard to find the cinnamon. Plus, this magnetic design just looks super sleek! Head over to The House On Stanford for DIY instructions.

3. Get your baking utensils in order
Wouldn’t it be nice if the next time you started baking a batch of cookies, all the tools you needed were in one place? And on top of that, imagine if you never had to use your computer to figure out conversions again. This is a perfect way to keep all your baking goodies super organized and a conversion chart accessible the next time you’re in a pinch!

4. Keep your cans in plain sight
Do you ever find yourself forgetting what canned food you have because it’s stuffed way back in a cupboard somewhere that nobody can see it? Organizing your canned goods on a 3-tiered rack will make them easy to see so that you don’t find a can of corn that expired three years ago!

5. Never lose your lid again
Adding adjustable dividers to a drawer is a genius way to store plastic containers and their lids. Why didn’t we think of this before?!

6. Install Lazy Susans in your pantry
You can add a ton of storage space to your pantry and keep your goods super accessible with this storage hack from Decor Chic. Check out the full tutorial where she walks you through how she installed Lazy Susans in her pantry to maximize her space.

7. Get your wrap ready
Keep your plastic wrap and aluminum foil in a locked and ready position so you can roll out a piece even when your hands are sticky! This idea from Ask Anna is so clever!

8. Hang your packets
Small packets of seasoning and mixes can make your pantry a mess. Instead of stashing tossing them inside a cupboard or drawer, use a binder clip and a small Command hook to keep them organized and in plain sight.

9. Organize your pans
This pan organizer will prevent your pans from getting banged around and scuffed up. We think with a little creativity, you could even make your own pan rack!

10. Keep ingredients fresh with a water bottle
Keep your chocolate chips or nuts fresh until the next time you bake by attaching the top of a water bottle onto the bag and screwing the lid on top. Bonus: it’s easy to pour them out! Get the details on One Good Thing By Jillee.

11. Store baking sheets vertically
Storing baking sheets and trays on their sides creates a total waste of space and makes getting to them a pain. Instead, store those large, flat kitchen items vertically and you’ll understand why is a much better way to keep them. Kelley from Taking on Today shares a full tutorial that you can follow to create your own.

12. Organize the space under your sink
If you’re anything like us, that space under the sink always seems to be a complete disaster. Keep your kitchen cleaning supplies tidy with this ultimate hack from Apartment Therapy. A tension rod keeps any spray bottles off the floor, creating more space. And plastic bins help organize towels and any other miscellaneous things you have hiding under the sink.

13. Use a shoe organizer for extra pantry storage
That’s right – hang a shoe organizer over the door of your pantry for a whole lot of extra spake for all those weirdly shaped containers that don’t stack nicely.

14. Make a storage rack just for pot lids
We all know the struggle of storing our pots and their covers in a cabinet that turns into a big, jumbled mess. This behind the door lid storage is the perfect solution!

15. Use clear containers for easy storage
Clear containers are a sophisticated way to organize your pantry. Say goodbye to oddly shaped boxes and bags and dump ingredients into glass jars for easy access and a beautiful new look.

Which tip are you going to try? Know someone who would love to organize their kitchen? Share this article with them!

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