Bacon Cheeseburger Pie: A Fun and Playful Kid-Friendly Meal

I’ve heard a lot of parents complain about how picky and hard to feed their kids are. I have to say that some of my kids and grandkids were picky when they were still young, but I seldom had trouble feeding them. And it’s not because I only feed them what they want all the time. I think you just have to make dinner more fun for them to eat. This bacon cheeseburger pie is one of the fun foods I recently found that my grandchildren loved.

My grandkids all love bacon cheeseburgers. To make them eat this pie, I only had to tell them that it’s their favorite food in a different form, since it really is that. I could tell that they loved it because there weren’t any leftover slices after we’re done with dinner. If your kids are picky, maybe they’ll like this pie too.

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