Cheesy Cauliflower Sticks: A Healthy, Yummy Alternative to Breadsticks

I don’t like eating breadsticks with pizza. Never really saw the logic to it. You’re eating a side of bread to an entréethat is essentially a flat piece of bread topped with cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce, and whatever else you like to put on your pizza. What gives? So I don’t eat breadsticks with pizza. In fact, I don’t eat anything else on the side when I’m eating pizza. Serve my pizza with these cheesy cauliflower sticks, though, and I’ll gladly change my mind.

These cauliflower sticks mimic the appearance of cheese-coated breadsticks. But instead of bread dough, you’re eating a vegetable coated with cheese. Pizza is a carbohydrate-loaded experience, but these cauliflower sticks lets me pretend that my experience was at least healthy. Check out this recipe for these yummy sticks.

I love cauliflower, and I love cheese. So it drives me ecstatic to see these two combined in this recipe for cheesy cauliflower sticks. This recipe calls for cauliflower minced in a food processor, along with mozzarella cheese, eggs, and herbs like thyme, oregano, and garlic. You can shape them into breadsticks before you bake your cauliflower batter, or you can form it in the shape of a pizza crust and use it as pizza dough instead. Either way, this baby is going to taste delicious. The recipe is from Baking Glory.