Keep your craft room organized with these fabulous DIYs

No matter whether you are an organized person or not, knowing what craft supplies you have and where you have them allows you to get the most out of your crafting. Take a walk down the organizational aisles at your local craft store and you will find that it can be quite expensive to purchase craft organizing solutions.
Save time and money by making your own craft room organization with easy DIYs. Then sit back and enjoying knowing what you have and where it is when crafting inspiration hits.


1. File your fabric
Fabric can be difficult to store. You have to dig through totes, piles get crumpled and fall over, and if kept in the open it becomes a dust magnet. Karen from Sew Many Ways has the perfect solution for organizing your fabric — a file cabinet.
The fabric hangs neatly over a hanging file folder. It stays nice and ironed, out of the sunlight, and free from dust. You can organize the fabric files according to color, theme, or type. Head over to her fabric organization tutorial to see how well this system works.

2. Create recycled desktop organization
Markers, scissors, pencils, pens, paintbrushes — all the tools you need for craft and DIY projects. You have to have a way to contain them. Using a shoebox works, but you are constantly pulling them out and eventually they never get put back away.
This budget friendly craft for storing all your craft tools takes just a few minutes to complete. All you need are some clean tin cans, scrapbook paper, scissors, and glue. Cut and attach scrapbook paper to your cans for an instant organizing solution. You can even do this with short tuna cans for holding buttons, pins, and other small items.

3. Keep thread wound up
Embroidery thread can quickly become a mess. The expensive little cardboard cards designed for thread storage rarely hold up. You simply don’t have time to mess with tangles of thread in the middle of a project.
This simple solution from Mrs. Jones is as pretty as it is function. The added bonus — it costs very little. You can purchase 30 wooden clothespins for $1 at most discount stores. All you have to do is wind the thread around the pin and secure it in the “pinchers.” They look lovely displayed in a bowl.

4. Put paint on display
Why hide away the beautiful colors you gravitate to? Use your paint storage to add a pop to your craft room. Putting it within easy reach will help inspire you and allow you to work more efficiently.
All you need is PVC pipe couplings and a strong glue. This step-by-step tutorial recommends you allow the glue smell to dissipate in a well-ventilated area. Just glue the couplings together and decorate in any way you desire. You could use this idea for yarn storage, fabric quarters, and even rolled up artwork.

5. Hang up your twine
Just like embroidery thread, bakers twine often gets unwound and tangled. This crafting and scrapbooking must-have material comes in so many different colors, why not show them off? Hanging them in an easily accessible place will remind you to use them and decorate your craft room at the same time.
Damask Love designed this tutorial to be power-tool free. She purchased a laser cut frame, dowel rods, and cup hooks from her craft and hardware stores. She simply measured carefully and placed the cup hooks to hold the dowel rods of twine. Once hung, it offers a vintage charm in her craft room.

6. Rack up your ribbon
Ribbon is another craft room organization nightmare. If you use ribbon frequently in your sewing or crafting, you probably have a LOT of ribbon. No one wants to dig through ribbon for hours trying to find the perfect ribbon for a project. Make it quick and easy with this spice rack ribbon storage solution.
Inexpensive Ikea spice racks easily hold 7 Layer Studio’s collection of ribbon. You can create a wall of well organized ribbon that looks beautiful and functions well. If you don’t pack it in too tightly, you can even unspool lengths of ribbon straight from the spice rack.

7. Box it up
Recycling trash into something extremely useful is a great feeling. Think of all the cardboard boxes in your pantry — cereal boxes, rice boxes, pasta boxes — these all offer you a great way to declutter your craft room junk drawer for free.
All you need to do is follow these simple instructions. Scraps of cardboard paper give a colorful look to your new drawer organization. While it may be a bit like playing Tetris, with a little trial and error you will find they fit in your drawer better than store purchased organization.

8. Roll up your vinyl
Silhouette School Blog has a genius idea for keeping your stockpile of craft vinyl nice and neat. Storing vinyl is difficult. Most vinyl materials come in rolls. Once you use the rolls, they can easily become creased or damaged.
This vinyl storage solution began life as a plastic bag holder. They can be found at your local discount store for less than $2.00. Simply mount them to your craft room wall and thread your vinyl through the holes. Fourteen rolls will fit perfectly in each holder.

There’s no reason to let your creative mojo be hampered by clutter and disarray. Organize your craft room and share how you did it with your friends on Facebook!

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