Slow Cooker Beef and Tomato Gravy: A Meal Worth A Thousand Words

Aunt Beth always brings something from her town.

Produce, a delicacy from a local bakery, seasonings that can only be found in her place, new recipes that she discovered while exploring an old dish she learned from Grandma, and local gossips, the who’s who and the what’s what.

During her last visit to my Mom and Dad, I happened to be there too. I had the weekend free and it’s been so long since I visited my parents. Aunt Beth arrived an hour after I did and my parents seemed surprised.

One could never truly expect from someone as unexpected as Aunt Beth. She said she would stay for a while so I got her settled in my brother’s old room while she talked to my parents. That night, we enjoyed her beef with tomatoes.

I was a bit surprised by the taste. Tomatoes usually bring that tanginess to a dish, but in this one, the tangy taste wasn’t as obvious. It gave a different texture to the meat making it more tasty and flavorful.

Please see the 2nd Page for Ingredients

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