We’ve Got A Winner! This Casserole Is Kid-Approved And Cook-Friendly

The One Recipe That Turns Your Everyday Ingredients Into A Mouth-Watering Meal

I am all about the easy to make recipes, especially during the busy school year when I am running one child to basketball practice and another 4H club. Sometimes, I just want to order pizza and be done with it, but we are a family who likes home cooked meals and pizza in a cardboard box just doesn’t cut it. When I first came across this chili chicken rice casserole it was at a church potluck.

It was simple, savory, and very filling. You can enjoy this dish as either an entree or a side. The best part about this chili and rice casserole is that it only contains simple ingredients you most likely have stocked in your pantry.

The only thing I had to go out and buy at the grocery store were the green chilis. However, I now keep a few cans in my kitchen cupboard at all times just in case I feel like making this casserole.

Please see the 2nd Page for Ingredients

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